Originally published Thursday, December 7, 2017 at 01:15p.m.


The RV park going in next to 89A in Clarkdale just before the bridge over the river to Tuzigoot does a disservice to the Verde Valley area.

This special view shed should have been enough to prohibit such a use of that land. Further, an RV park in sight of one of our most sacred cultural sites makes it profoundly distasteful.

Protection of aesthetic values must not take a back seat to commercial development.

And community development offices should always take steps to inform the public, including all of the relevant arguments for and against such development.

Tim Mckimmie



nplenzick says...

I disagree with this statement. Its my understanding that this development had a fairly lengthy public review by the town of Clarkdale. Since this project is under construction I really don't understand how anyone can say its distasteful at this point. As a resident of this town and someone who highly appreciates the history of it and the Verde Valley I can also see the need for a RV park in this area. I much rather see this, then a housing development or some chain store, or other large building. Unless the public is willing to come up with the funds to buy such property, the property owner has every right to develop such property with in the guidelines of the town. If the town makes those guidelines so strict, it then opens the town up to a legal suit.

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