Originally published Monday, November 6, 2017 at 02:03p.m.

Buffy Sainte-Marie – Medicine Songs

True North Records

Coming off her critically acclaimed, Polaris prize winning 2015 album Power in the Blood, and after winning the 2016 spirit of Americana Award, Buffy Sainte-Marie has delivered Medicine Songs - and has made it her mission to educate and inform the world using her strongest tool - her music, by - in her own words - “putting the songs to work.”

The album starts with the new unreleased collaboration with fellow Polaris prize winning indigenous artist Tanya Tagaq, followed by the politically charged “The War Racket.”

Tracks include: You’ve Got to Run, The War Racket, Starwalker, Carry It On.

Evanescence – Synthesis

BMG Rights Management (US) LLC

Evanescence returns this Fall with Synthesis their fourth studio album.

The group premiered “Bring Me To Life”—an instant grat track—via Rolling Stone. “’Bring Me To Life’ is new to me again after 15 years,” says AMY LEE of EVANESCENCE. It’s difficult to explain how good that makes me feel. Having the chance to incorporate things I’ve heard in my head throughout that long period of time, nuances from the way I sing it live, just pouring the weight and perspective of the life I’ve lived now back into that root — it’s pure satisfaction.”

Tracks include: Overture, Never Go Back, Hi-Lo, My Heart Is Broken.

Spinning Coin – Permo

Geographic Music

Over the space of three years, two singles and countless gigs, including tour supports with Teenage Fanclub and Real Estate, Spinning Coin have determinedly made their music heard: beautifully rough-hewn guitar pop that takes in frustration and escapism, but also gracefulness and splendour.

Their first album, Permo, recorded with Edwyn Collins at his AED Studios, and at Glasgow’s Green Door with Stu Evans, captures this balance perfectly.

Tracks include: Raining On Hope Street, Tin, Be Free, Sides, Starry Eyes.

Yung Lean – Stranger

Year0001 Records

Stranger is the next chapter in the forever unpredictable saga of Swedish innovator Yung Lean. Stranger further charts Yung Lean’s evolution from polarizing viral sensation to pioneering mainstay in modern hip-hop and electronic music.

Tracks include: Muddy Sea, Red Bottom Sky, Skimask, Silver Arrows, Metallic Intuition, Push/Lost Weekend, Salute/Pacman, Drop It/Scooter.