Originally published Saturday, November 11, 2017 at 04:45p.m.

CAMP VERDE – It’s been nine years since Nikki Miller joined the uber-volunteer group known as Camp Verde Promotions.

Vice president, then president, then back to vice president, Miller has announced that she will step down as vice president as of the organization’s January elections.

Though Miller will stay with the board in an advisory position, she says that she can no longer can do the heavy lifting necessary to help run Camp Verde’s signature events.

Miller – and Camp Verde Promotions – are asking for help. If not, Miller fears that the Spring Heritage Pecan and Wine Festival, Cornfest and Fort Verde Days could become a collective of distant memories.

“Fort Verde Days was my last hoorah, and it may be the last hoorah for town events,” Miller stated in a Nov. 6 letter to the Camp Verde Bugle. “It [would] break my heart, as it will all Camp Verde Promotions board, to see these events go away after all the work we have done. We are tired, and if these events are going to continue, we need help.”

In June, Camp Verde Promotions announced a partnership with the Camp Verde Business Alliance, where members of the business alliance would eventually replace Miller, as well as Camp Verde Promotions president Carlie Androus and secretary/treasurer Bobbie Tennant.

Androus says that “phenomenal doesn’t begin to” illustrate Julie Scott’s efforts toward the partnership.

“She’s such a go-getter,” Androus says of Scott, vice president of the Camp Verde Business Alliance.

Miller stated that Camp Verde Promotions was excited about partnering with the Camp Verde Business Alliance because they had numbers and we don’t.”

“The reality is their members are businesses, and they need to run their business and have little time to be worker bees for us,” Miller says.

Though the new leadership hasn’t officially taken position on the board, Miller says it’s not a lack of leadership that has the board members weary and seeking new people.

“It’s the worker bees,” Miller says.

By Thanksgiving, Camp Verde Promotions needs to be planning the Spring Heritage Pecan and Wine Festival, held each year the third weekend in March.

By Thanksgiving, Camp Verde Promotions needs to know which of its board members will take on the role of president, vice president, secretary and treasurer.

“If we don’t get people to respond, the events could be gone,” Miller says.

In January, Camp Verde Promotions is expected to name a new president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. CVP President Carlie Androus and Secretary/Treasurer Bobbie Tennant both say they would like to continue being involved with the longtime volunteer organization.

But like Miller, they no longer are able to do the bulk of the work.

“We’ll see how everything shakes out,” Miller says.

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