Originally published Tuesday, November 14, 2017 at 01:31p.m.

About his background

John A. Tamiazzo is the former executive director of the Sedona Community Center from 2012 to 2016, nearly five years. During his role at the center he was also a guest weekly human-interest columnist for the Red Rock News. He was previously the executive director of the Sonoma Community Center in Sonoma, Calif.

Tamiazzo also taught courses in psychology and health at Santa Barbara City College.

He is the author of self-help books “Returning to the Land of Oz” and “Love & Be Loved.”

Plans for the VVHS

Tamiazzo’s focus is on public relations, marketing and fundraising.

“This organization is so vital and important to the community and I would like more people to support what is done here,” Tamiazzo said.

Two major projects he looks forward to are the Pets for Patriots and the implementation of a jail-humane society collaboration project.

“I mentioned to the board a jail pet project. They run a number of projects like that in California – someone who is incarcerated is given a pet to train and it seems to create a fabulous, healthy situation for both the person and for the dog,” Tamiazzo said.

Angie Lozano says:

“Tamiazzo understands the challenges of leading a non-profit. He also has a new and innovative plan on making VVHS organization even better. John is exceptional in fundraising, financials, and connecting with supporters, volunteers and employees.” – Angie Lozano, VVHS Board Member

A pet person

“I’ve been a dog and cat and horse owner for most of my life. I used to take my horse for a ride and my three German shepherds would chase us down and the cats would follow too, so there’d be six of us,” Tamiazzo said.