Originally published Tuesday, November 14, 2017 at 01:53p.m.

CAMP VERDE – A Firewise meeting held at the Verde Lakes Clubhouse on Nov. 10 was a success, with 45 members of the community attending on very short notice.

Jim Young, Vice President of Verde Lakes Recreation Corp, led the meeting with some words about becoming a Firewise community. 

A DVD from the National Fire Protection Association explained what we could do to keep the property and family safer and to get the word out to the neighbors.

Copper Canyon Fire Chief Terry Keller added information that would help in this area. With all the dry brush, it is a tinderbox. Keep at least five feet clear around your home and out buildings. Also, keeping leaves, dead brush, pine needles clear of gutters will help to keep your home safe if a fire does break out. 

It is usually embers that cause a house fire when they catch these material on fire. With a fire safety grant to Copper Canyon Fire and Medical Authority for the Verde Lakes area, a clean-up has been set up to begin Nov. 17-18 at the Verde Lakes Ponds on Aspen Way.

From 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. both days, large dumpsters will be located at the ponds for free dumping of brush, tree cutting/branches/leaves. Only yard clean up brush.

Mayor Charlie German also spoke at the Nov. 10 meeting.

“I have been in this area since 1952 and worked with the fire department, the area of Verde Lakes has always been an area of concern and now with interest we hope to help the community to clear the brush that would fuel a fire,” Mayor German said.

The Town of Camp Verde owns some 229 parcels in the five sectors of the Verde Lakes Community. The Mayor said he would do what he could to see that the work gets started and the town works the Fire Department and the community.

Volunteers from Verde Lakes, the CC Fire Department and the Town of Camp Verde will be working side-by-side this weekend by cutting dead trees, branches, picking up dried weeds and bushes.

Please come out and help, bring your trailers full of tree trimming, brush, etc. to put in the dumpsters. The town is working on a way to have someone come by and pickup what you have cut, but you must have someone on your property to help the driver load.