Originally published Tuesday, November 28, 2017 at 01:37p.m.


Why do Network, Cable Television, Programmers find it necessary to reenact the full detail of horror stories such as the Charles Mansion case.

I lived through that and of lot of other various criminal happenings years ago and have no desire whatsoever to watch them being reenacted on so called American Crime Series or other shows.

The OJ Simpson case, Scott Peterson, Drew Peterson and other horror stories do not need to be repeated just to fulfill the desire for horror shows of an few seriously unhinged people.

I have tried to express these thought to the various networks but have been unable to find an email or response address for them. NBC, ABC, CBS, USA, CW, Discovery Investigation, Discovery Network and most other producers of this type of TRASH don’t list there opinion/viewer input addresses readily.

Brian B Coley

Camp Verde


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