Originally published Tuesday, October 24, 2017 at 01:58p.m.

At the Clark Memorial Library reopening ceremony on Oct. 19, Clarkdale-Jerome Lions Club President David Andrews presented the Friends of Clark Memorial Library with a check for $3,500.

Since Clarkdale’s Lions Club is disbanding, this gift was bittersweet. Lions Club members had been impressed by the fledgling library group’s dedication to revitalizing Clarkdale’s historic library during FCML’s book collection at the Concerts in the Park, Andrews told the Friends. “So, when our group saw we could no longer serve the community, due to attrition,” he said, “our Board voted to help you slightly younger folk continue our common goals.”

“This check will go a long way toward providing new library materials and programs for Clarkdale library patrons,” FCML President Jimmy Salmon acknowledged gratefully. “But Friends of Clark Memorial would rather work alongside the Lions, who have served the Town of Clarkdale and its residents so well for so long. We both have a part to play. Hopefully,” he added, “our efforts to re-engage younger generations will bring the Lions back.”

Andrews allowed that given FCML’s ability to generate enthusiasm for events like this one, the Lions might return sooner than he expected.

The FCML re-opening book sale exceeded everyone’s expectations, Salmon announced after the sale ended. By 6:00 pm on Saturday, book sales alone totaled $3,171. Coupled with the Lions Club’s generosity, the Friends are nearing two-thirds of their $12,000 goal for this year.

And, “With 750 books sold over the last three days,” Salmon calculated, “we only have some 6,000 left to sell in our new Friends Bookstore.”