Mingus Union and Camp Verde have their regions and they’re staying put.

On Oct. 18 the AIA announced the initial placements for the two-year scheduling block starting in fall 2018 and neither the Marauders nor Cowboys chose to appeal.

Mingus Union will remain in the 4A Grand Canyon Region, which will be the same as it is now. Camp Verde again will be in the 2A Central Region.

The Central added Joy Christian and lost Paradise Honors and Mingus Mountain.

Schools had until Oct. 24 to appeal. No Grand Canyon school appealed placement in any sport and the 2A Central remained the same as it initial 2018-2020 placement.

When the region/section placements were initially announced, not every sport was included. Now they have all been accounted for.

No Camp Verde teams are changing regions or sections. The Mingus Union swimming and diving teams are the only Marauder teams to change, moving up Division II from III