Originally published Tuesday, January 2, 2018 at 11:15a.m.

RIMROCK – Since she was in middle school, Jessica Lux-Herrera has wanted to be a teacher.

But it wasn’t until college that special education became her calling.

“I volunteered at the Special Olympics and enjoyed working with the kids so much,” says Lux-Herrera, a special education teacher at Beaver Creek School.

“It was so amazing to see the children and young adults cross the finish line with such pride and happiness, even if they were in last place,” Lux-Herrera says. “The little things they achieved made them so happy and this joy just warmed my heart. This is why I teach and why my heart belongs to special education.”

To Beaver Creek Principal Katrina Sacco, Lux-Herrera is a “remarkable teacher.”

“She is passionate about helping students to see their own worth and abilities,” Sacco says. “As students work to overcome any challenges they face, she helps them to soar.

“She never seems to run out of energy when it comes to serving her students,” Sacco says. “She is always ready to dig in and offer support where needed.”

Says Sacco, Lux-Herrera makes “meaningful connections” with students that “seem to spark new enthusiasm daily.”

“She is a pleasure to work with, and an inspiration to students and staff alike,” Sacco says.


All of the students that I serve have various learning needs and benefit from being active learners.

We work in small groups and often one-to-one. If a student needs extra response time, needs to stand, walk around the room, take several breaks, or just needs a hug and some comforting, then this is how I reach my students.


I am a Special Needs Resource and Self-Contained Teacher.

This is an honor that Kat wanted to make me educator of the week.


I want my struggling students to always know they are loved, smart and can do anything they put their minds to learning.’” I am very encouraging and always want my students to try their best, never give up, treat themselves and others with respect and never put themselves or others down.”


“I have worked in the restaurant business in the past. I took 13 years off of teaching and I really enjoyed it. When I became a mom and my daughter started school, I realized I was missing out on a lot of precious time with her.”