Originally published Saturday, January 6, 2018 at 04:09p.m.

COTTONWOOD – Red Rock Pediatrics has announced a new partnership with Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

Starting Feb. 1, the official name of the medical center, located on 800 Cove Parkway, will become Red Rock Pediatrics: A Phoenix Children’s Primary Care Center.

Phoenix Children’s Hospital created a Primary Care Division in 2017– Red Rock Pediatrics will be joining this division. Phoenix Children’s, which has not provided community based primary care pediatric services itself, is focusing on collaborating with independent primary care doctors.

Red Rock Pediatrics and Phoenix Children’s have discussed the partnership since spring of 2017, initiated by Red Rock’s Dr. Wendy Tucille.

“During that discussion we talked about many of the challenges and pressures we are all facing in pediatrics. Our joint desire is to ensure we can continue to offer a delivery system that is focused 100-percent on kids and the unique needs of our pediatric populations,” said Chad Johnson, Senior Vice President at Phoenix Children’s Care Network.

Part of the delivery system includes maintaining the “look and feel” of Red Rock Pediatrics, while Phoenix Children’s Hospital “alleviates administrative burdens” of running a primary care practice.

Johnson says this will allow the doctors at Red Rock to dedicate more time to patients, with minimal changes.

“Instead of spending time on administrative, regulatory, and billing concerns, we’ll be able to devote our full attention to caring for children,” said Dr. Tucille. “In the process, we also gain, on behalf of our patients, greater access to the network of sub-specialists and services that Phoenix Children’s has to offer.”