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Originally published Thursday, January 11, 2018 at 02:15p.m.


Medical marijuana should be legalized now. Jeff Sessions is right about one thing: marijuana is a gateway drug -- but it’s a gateway out of opioid addiction.

I should know. I am a chronic pain patient who has not only found relief from medical marijuana; I healed myself from opioid addiction by using cannabis.

We all know there is an opioid crisis. People are dying from overdoses at a rate of several citizens per day. And all this time, there has never, never been anyone who has fatally overdosed on cannabis. It is impossible.

Our Senators know how well medical marijuana has worked in AZ. Tax revenues are up, and crime is down. Most importantly, patients are getting the care they need legally.

Sessions’ actions would increase the opioid death rate by denying patients like me access to harm-free pain relief and forcing us to return to OxyContin, et. al.

But Congress can and must stop Sessions. I urge Senators McCain and Flake in the strongest possible manner to support legislation making cannabis legal, at least for medical reasons, under federal law.

Jennifer Stefanow


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