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Originally published Thursday, January 11, 2018 at 05:29p.m.

COTTONWOOD – Police arrested 27-year-old Cottonwood resident Skylar Darrell Issac Griffith around 1 a.m. Thursday for two counts of attempted vehicle burglary.

According to a news release from Cottonwood Police Department, officers were called to the 600 block of N. 7 Street “because someone had thrown something through the victim’s window of their residence.”

Police said the victim provided a good description of the suspect, later identified as Griffith.

“Upon further investigation, it was discovered that Griffith also went through the victim’s vehicles before breaking the window. Griffith was found nearby and denied any involvement, however, evidence was found at the scene as well as on Griffith connecting him to the crimes. Some of the evidence was blood on the victim’s vehicles and fresh blood on Griffith’s hands,” stated the release.

Griffith told police he was walking home from a bar in Old Town and was upset with himself because he is on intensive probation and not allowed to consume alcohol. A records check confirmed Griffith is in fact on intensive probation, according to the release. Griffith was arrested and charged with attempted burglary and criminal damage, and his probation officer was notified.

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