Originally published Tuesday, January 30, 2018 at 11:15a.m.

Class members of Verde Valley Leadership Class XII spent all day Friday, Jan. 19 hearing from leaders throughout the Verde Valley and Arizona.

The day consisted of two segments: the first being a panel discussion consisting of leaders from the City of Cottonwood, the City of Sedona and the Town of Clarkdale and the second part being a lecture by ASU Professor of Practice, Mr. George Pettit, who served the Town of Gilbert for twenty-five years with eight of those years as the Town Manager.

Leadership is a word that resonates with many and is widely regarded as a panacea for all issues. However, as Class XII heard and saw firsthand this past Friday, this word is highly glamorized. In reality leaders are authentic, humble listeners, collectors of information and although sometimes conflicted, at the end of the day are decision makers.

Class XII has the honor of hearing from nine panel members: Tosca Henry (Cottonwood Council Member), Doug Bartosh (Cottonwood City Manager), Michelle Masters (Cottonwood Chamber Director of Tourism & Marketing), Sandy Moriarty (Sedona Mayor), David McGill (Sedona Chief of Police), Jennifer Wesselhoff (Sedona Chamber & Tourism Bureau President/CEO), Doug Von Gausig (Clarkdale Mayor), Gayle Mabery (Clarkdale Town Manager), and Andy Groseta (Owner, Groseta Ranches). Topics for the day were taxation, growth, and future trends. During the second half of the day, George Pettit approached these same topics from an academic and professional standpoint.

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