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Originally published Tuesday, November 13, 2018 at 12:01p.m.

So, the researchers pronounced themselves. The verdict is in.

Negative Physical Education- related childhood experiences do influence our attitudes towards physical activity later in the lifetime.

“Translational Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine” published the research relating the negative PE experiences to the amount of time we sit on our booties over the weekends and, in general, during the free time, which we could potentially consecrate to exercise. Unfortunately, the relation is proportional to our estimation of how much the PE sucked years earlier… and how much we despised not being chosen as the first into that team of mates.

I was slightly surprised by the results of this research. My own childhood featured… ZERO physical education classes completed. My family was against me sweating in any way, so I was that bespectacled chubby kiddo, hiding under the avalanche of my long hair, sitting on the side bench and studying while my classmates run around the school field or in the gym. I, actually, vividly remember being embarrassed by all that sitting and not participating, and I badly wanted to belong. I also remember the bullying, directly associated with the fixed position I used to assume twice a week on that bench over my school years.

So, my experience was negative, but it has not influenced my adult times training attitude and habits in the way the research suggested. It influenced me, but in the opposite way. I, actually, became super motivated to exercise the moment I could do it without asking anyone when I turned 18. I craved the motion and unstructured or structured sweating sessions. So, the negative PE-related experience of mine, actually, turned into an amazingly healthy adulthood filled with fitness, running, swimming, weights, and keeping in shape (myself and others… maybe I project…). It has been almost a rebellious opposition approach to the stagnation of my early years, a total negation.

And, on that negation of the unhealthy early years, I have built a pretty amazing and FitFit life…

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