Important Notice

Originally published Saturday, November 17, 2018 at 01:29p.m.

C&B Construction has once again received the EPA indoor airPLUS Leader Award for 2018 from the Environmental Protection Agency.

C&B was presented with this same award from 2014-2017 making them the only builder nationwide to have received the EPA Indoor airPLUS Leader Award five years running.

In addition to this award, C & B Construction has also won the Department of Energy Housing Innovation Award for 2018, both awards are nationally recognized.

C&B Construction was previously owned by Laurie and Bill Bullock and is now owned by Chris and Rachel Spannagel.

Most of their current home construction is in Crossroads at Mingus as well as other Verde Valley locations. Chris and Rachel have made the same commitment as Laurie and Bill Bullock to build under the strict requirements of Energy Star and Indoor airPLUS programs.

The homes built by C & B Construction are designed using the latest building science techniques.

Once built, they are inspected by a third party “rater.”

This results in very low HERS scores, some as low as -14. Many customers have minimum APS bills throughout the entire year.

EPA indoor airPLUS is a program that basically assures that the homeowner has the healthiest possible home.

Criteria like air quality inside the home, no or low VOC paint products, green label floor coverings, and products that have little or no off gassing and meeting radon requirements, are all covered in this competition.

C & B Construction is so excited and honored to have achieved such wonderful recognition, and they could not do it without the help of all of their subcontractors and amazing team of employees.

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