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Originally published November 29, 2018 at 02:10p.m.

Updated November 29, 2018 at 02:10p.m.

Mingus Union girls wrestling begins its inaugural season with a state champion and a newcomer.

Senior Danni Schulz won a state championship year in club wrestling and sophomore Kaytlyn Sousa is new to the sport.

This season is the first for girls wrestling for the AIA.

“Right now we have two and we’re hoping to grow more,” Mingus head coach Klint McKean said. “We have a tenth grader, first year wrestler, Kaytlyn Sousa, and we have a returner, senior, Danni Schulz and she’s been wrestling for years. Two and hope to grow.”

Schulz won a title at the 9th Annual All Girls Club Arizona State Wrestling Championship Tournament, winning with three pins. Then she took second at the Rocky Mountain Nationals in Denver.

Female wrestlers can compete with the boys teams and the girls. Schulz is a captain on the boys team at MUHS.

“On the boys side she’s been doing it for a long time,” McKean said. “At her size she has a pretty big strength deficit that she has to make up for, so for her it’s experience, it’s getting ready. Going against boys prepares her to go against girls and that’s really where she wants to shine and where she can. She won State last year as a junior for the club State. Now it’s an AIA sanctioned sport she hopes to do the same, take State and I think she can.”

The state tournament will be held along with the boys tournament. There won’t be divisions this year, there are four divisions for boys, based on school size.

During the season the girls will compete at girls tournaments and in at existing tournaments that added girls competitions.

Last week the AIA announced the 10 weight classes for girls wrestling:

  • 101 pounds
  • 110 pounds
  • 118 pounds
  • 125 pounds
  • 130 pounds
  • 135 pounds
  • 145 pounds
  • 160 pounds
  • 185 pounds
  • 225 pounds

“They’re what we expected,” McKean said. “Heavyweight is up to 225. Danni and Kaytlyn will either be 185 or 225. They’re both right there, they’re good training partners for each other because they’re similar size.”

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