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Originally published Saturday, April 13, 2019 at 03:51p.m.


I live in Clarkdale and have read all the letters to the editor of the Verde Independent re the increased noise from flights to and from the Cottonwood airport.

Citizens of Cottonwood are not the only folks affected by the noise. Over the last few years, I have noted the frequency of overhead air traffic in Clarkdale and the accompanying noise it creates.

Gone are the days of peaceful outdoor activities, such as yard work, gardening or simply soaking up some sun. My home is apparently in a flight path of increasing use and, yes, more unwelcome noise!

Yavapai County, Cottonwood and Sedona, and perhaps Camp Verde and Cornville, should take a good look at the cooperative creation of a regional airport located between Sedona and Cottonwood.

Including airport shuttles to serve the surrounding cities would be relatively easy by utilizing the bus service already doing a great job in the Verde Valley.

Now is the time for such action if we are truly interested in increasing the economic future of our area and preserving the quiet and peaceful lifestyle of our present and future citizens.

Donna Whitmore


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