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Originally published Saturday, April 13, 2019 at 03:52p.m.


Dear Mayor Elinski:

I have worked with fire protection my entire adult life and I have a few questions about fire safety at the Cottonwood Airport:

Airplanes and helicopters refuel all day and into the night. What kind of fire suppression systems are available at the Cottonwood Airport to deal with a gas or aviation fuel spill or catastrophic fire? Do you have any CO2 tanks or foam systems to deal with an “out of control” fire?

This kind of fire cannot be stopped by water. Heat from this sort of fire is extreme and with Arizona fire hazard as it is and with any high wind, the surrounding areas could very easily catch on fire just from the heat.

Flight patterns over resident’s homes are VERY low. If there was a crash over our neighborhood, the fire might wipe out the entire community. Is the Cottonwood Fire Department capable of handling a fire at the airport? Do they have the manpower to handle an intense fire? I think the airport would need its own fire department on property. Safety should be foremost for the residents of this city.

Jerry McCann


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