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Originally published Saturday, August 10, 2019 at 02:56p.m.


I do not understand how such a public occurrence as the debates among candidates for the president of the United States can be limited and not available to all of the American people.

The debates were broadcast on CNN and “live streamed”.

I have only basic TV. I do not have CNN (added cost). I do not have an iPhone. I do have a computer but at 87, I do not do “live streaming.” I am sure there are thousands if not millions of Americans in the same situation.

Why should we be deprived of what should be available to all people, especially in this very tense political situation?

It seems to me that such a debate should be carried by all of the TV network news, or at the least, on the radio.. That would reach most of the public.

One of the first things a dictator does is gain control of the media. President Trump has gained control of the Justice Department.

The Supreme Court, the Senate and many of his cabinet Secretaries are “Acting” and not confirmed by Congress.

Is it a coincidence that such a public occurrence as the presidential debates has been limited to only some Americans?

Gordon J. Twa


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