Important Notice

Originally published Saturday, August 10, 2019 at 02:58p.m.


In response to Gary Mialocq’s letter that appeared in the Aug. 1 Villager, I would like everyone to know that he misrepresented me as an officer of the Big Park Council.

For a few years, I represented La Barranca II at the council meeting but was never an officer.

My letter had nothing to do with advocating or arguing against the Red Rock Crossing. My letter was to call out Mr. Mialocq’s derision of another person’s opinion just because that person was new to the area.

I proceeded to point out the arguments he made were either false or the voracity of the organizations he mentioned opposing the idea were in question. He now lists another set of facts that everyone should question because he misrepresented my background.

A Ph.D. after your name doesn’t give you the right to deride someone as a “newbie” or to say someone failed to disclose something that he wasn’t.

That’s not being a responsible member of a community.

We as a community should strive to be better than that and you should also strive to be better.

Ken Dropek

Village of Oak Creek

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