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Originally published Tuesday, February 5, 2019 at 01:16p.m.


Let me first say, I have no love of the idea of another road put through some pristine forest area south of Beaverhead Flat Road.

I also am going to say, I don’t see how construction of this road is going to “bypass” Camp Verde anymore than CV has already been bypassed.

It is a very out-of-the-way bypass, if you can call it that. Anyone who is going to stop at Hamburger Junction is going to stop there, whether Verde Connect is built or not, as it is the only gas station/food area and everyone will have to go by there anyway, Verde Connect or not.

If it is a bypass for anything, it will bypass Cottonwood for people traveling to or from north Sedona/VOC area who normally use the 260/89A route into Sedona.

In fact, it is very probable it will increase traffic through old downtown Camp Verde, but at the expense of more traffic on Middle Verde Road.

Verde Connect is really just a faster way of getting from VOC to 260 and avoiding congestion between VOC and I-17 on weekends, I see no time savings in using Verde Connect vs. using I-17 any other time.

Doug Melton

Camp Verde

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