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Originally published Wednesday, January 16, 2019 at 09:12a.m.

I took this shot last week on a flight to the east of the San Francisco Peaks and got to shoot some of my favorite scenes besides the mountains and clouds and those are of the wonderful abstract patterns created when snow falls and does not completely cover the fields … an abstract of black and white patterns. I did not convert this image to black and white as it dulled the shot, so left it as a color image which for the most part looks like a B & W image. Thinking next fly day should be quite good up there and maybe some snow on the painted desert too. The ground elevation drops sharply as you go north from the Flagstaff area which translates into warmer surface temperatures, so maybe no snow. Maybe I’ll get lucky!

A nice rainy day and I stayed inside today … I did not bother to reform myself, however, that will have to wait for another day. Thanks again for your generosity as cameras continue to come in. Looks like we will be able to have a camera for each student if all that are promised actually come in … what a gift you are making and if all goes well we may have a student or two who will want to continue with the pursuit of this wonderful art form and continue the tradition of sharing the beauty with others. Schools are very underfunded for programs like this and your gift of a camera will ensure that kids for years to come, will have the essential tool to learn photography … they are going to be blown away. Thank you!!! Brian, who is doing the videography class said that they will do some short video clips for YouTube upload of the kids and the cameras … will keep you posted on that project.

Have an absolutely wonderful day … keep breathing and smiling … what a gift, we are still here!



Sleep sweetly now that the gates of the crimson night are closed,

and leave tomorrow’s struggle for tomorrow;

The earth is peaceful, only the stars and still moon are abroad, and they wage no war.

Max Ehrmann

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