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Originally published Thursday, July 11, 2019 at 03:54p.m.

CAMP VERDE — Free sweet corn for police is one way a Camp Verde farm is showing support for the women and men in blue.

The response from customers of Hauser & Hauser Farms has been very supportive following a social media post offering law enforcement officers a free dozen ears of corn. The offer came in response to the treatment police officers received at a Tempe Starbucks on Independence Day, said Claudia Hauser, who runs the Hauser & Hauser corn stand in Camp Verde.

“Six police officers in Tempe AZ were asked to leave @starbucks because a customer didn’t feel safe with them around …” the Hauser & Hauser July 6 Facebook post read.

“We are disgusted by this and our farm wants to show law enforcement the respect they deserve. So, starting tomorrow, Sunday July 7th, through Saturday, July 13th, we will give law enforcement officers one free dozen ears of sweet corn.”

Hauser said one police officer from southern Arizona saw the post on social media the first day and came right up, she said. “I don’t think he ever heard of us before,” said Hauser.

Another police officer came in Tuesday and had not heard of the farm’s good-faith gesture to police.

“He said, ‘Oh my God, thank you so much.’” He took the corn, but made a donation in the tip jar on the counter, she said.

An officer form the Camp Verde Marshall’s Office came by and left a business card. He thanked them for their support concerning the Starbucks incident, but did not take any corn, she said.

Hauser said she doesn’t blame Starbucks corporately because the coffee giant can’t keep track of everything its baristas do. Hauser is of the opinion that the customer who claimed to feel threatened by the presence of the officers should have been the one to leave.

“Just the thought of someone not being comfortable with police presence is concerning to me,” she said. “I guess is just how I was raised. I am thankful for law enforcement. They are welcome anytime.”

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