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Originally published Thursday, May 23, 2019 at 06:06a.m.

Down the hatch … among humans a way of toasting or celebrating by throwing a drink down your throat, but in and amongst other species it is putting your meal down your throat. In this instance a great blue heron is putting a ten inch trout down his throat … down the hatch my feathered friend! Perhaps another before the day is over and the evening in the rookery for sleep and rest. Then a new day and the sun returns in the eastern sky and the search for daily food resumes. Once out of the nest they fend for themselves … no super markets or coffee shops for them … just the real world that many of our species studiously avoids.

Another day and I’m still breathing … still smiling too … I am alive and get to choose how I spend each moment of the day. Sharing the beauty I seek and find is one of the singular joys I find in every day that I am here.

Choose wisely … you are only guaranteed the moment you are in.

Back Monday morning …


Whatever else you do or forbear;

Impose upon yourself the task of happiness;

And now and then abandon yourself

To the joy of laughter.

Max Ehrmann

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