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Commentary: Ball is in Michael Mathews’ court to win public trust

First-term Cottonwood City Councilman Michael Mathews is finally seeing the light when it comes to his use of private email to conduct public business.

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Editorial: Mathews fails city leadership test over use of private email

For the second time in five days, first-term Cottonwood City Councilman Michael Mathews has come to his own defense over the use of private email to communicate city business.

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Editorial: Mathews needs to make city-related personal emails public

The right thing for Mathews to do now is provide the city with all city-related emails he has sent from his private account so the city can fulfil its obligation to maintain and store the public records he created.

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Opinion: Mathews out of line speaking for entire council, city staff

If Michael Mathews correctly has his finger on the pulse of the Cottonwood City Council, the folks complaining about noise at the Municipal Airport have no business trying to fight City Hall.

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Editorial: Forced consolidation plan faces uphill battle in Arizona

Just when you think you’ve seen the last possible way the school district consolidation ball could bounce, it takes off in a completely new direction.

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UPDATE: No weapon found at Cottonwood Community School

Cottonwood Community School was on lockdown following report of gun on campus

The Cottonwood Community School, 500 Mingus Avenue, is currently under lockdown following a report of a gun on campus, according to Cottonwood police.

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Editorial: Stringer’s departure from State House welcome relief

Now, Republican precinct committeemen in Yavapai County will nominate three people to replace Stringer. The Yavapai County Board of Supervisors will select from those nominees the person to replace Stringer in the Arizona House of Representatives.

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Commentary: Social media the new arena for Town Hall debate

City council chambers and the best bar in town used to be the primary arenas for public discourse on community issues.

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Commentary: Planes, trains, automobiles, coyotes; the noise never stops

The mix of residential neighborhoods with an airport is hardly a new discussion in Cottonwood.

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Editorial: Mingus Open Meeting Law violation deserves second look

The Mingus Union School Board should ask the Arizona Attorney General’s Office for another review and full finding of fact over the Sept. 5, 2017, Open Meeting Law infraction for which the AG previously determined Mingus was at fault.

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