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Dan Engler is the editor of the Verde Independent and Camp Verde Bugle.

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Commentary: Cuban Queen a case study of Jerome’s parking woes

What began as a seemingly simple plan to re-birth some of Jerome’s nefarious history has turned into a real boondoggle for the mountainside community.

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The taxing truth about ‘Truth in Taxation’

Here’s the truth about “Truth in Taxation” public hearings: They are going to tax us.

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Commentary: Common knowledge today no secret 50 years ago

When told Friday that Flagstaff has become the training site of choice for long-distance runners from all over the world, Young just laughed. “We knew that 50 years ago.”

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Editorial: ‘Pay me now or pay me later’ this year’s motto for Yavapai County, Clarkdale

Do voter voices matter? Both Yavapai County and Town of Clarkdale voters have said no to taxes they're getting stuck with anyway.

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Commentary: A job no one else will take except cops: dead guys in cars

They don’t mention this at the annual law enforcement career day. Dead guys in cars.

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Editorial: Challenges mount like trash heap for Sedona Recycles

The community needs to step up, or else our recycling will become a bigger trash problem.

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Editorial: Camp Verde steps to front of class in addressing need for affordable housing

In two separate actions Wednesday night, Camp Verde took a big step toward solving one of the long-standing shortcomings in the Verde Valley.

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Editorial: Mingus’ unconventional path a wise course of action

Mingus Union High School took some unconventional steps -- by Mingus standards -- in hiring Mike Westcott as its new superintendent.

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Commentary: Verde Connect: transportation priority or dead-end street?

One of the biggest problems that comes with planning for a community’s future transportation needs is that plans typically outlive planners.

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Commentary -- Consolidation: ‘Let’s make a deal’ or ‘A deal is a deal’?

Legal debates can best be summarized by the philosophical clash between “a deal is a deal” and “let’s make a deal.”

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