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Howard Fischer is a veteran journalist who has reported on state government and legal affairs in
Arizona since 1982, the last 25 for Capitol Media Services which he founded in 1991. Fischer's news reports appear in daily and weekly newspapers around the state, and are heard on Arizona Public Radio.

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Dept. of Corrections wants to re-open prison due to influx of women inmates

The Department of Corrections will reopen a shuttered prison in Douglas to deal with the fact that women are being locked up at a higher rate.

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Governor's house for sale; pricetag is $8.75 million

Gov. Doug Ducey is selling off his huge home in Paradise Valley. But he insists he's not going anywhere -- at least not yet.

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State considers medical marijuana treatment for autism

PHOENIX -- A state lawmaker is seeking to force state health officials to do something they have previously rejected: allow the use of medical marijuana to treat autism.

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SCOTUS won't hear case; Brnovich won't get early crack at opioid makers

Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court slapped down a bid by Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich to get an early crack at the assets of the family that owns one of the largest opioid manufacturing operations in the country.

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Ducey: Arizona will comply with federal refugee order

Gov. Doug Ducey said Friday he won't take advantage of an offer by President Trump to allow Arizona to opt out of taking refugees, at least not up front.

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Prison cop says he was shot by co-worker in racist attack

A former guard at a private prison near Eloy claims he was shot at point-blank range with a riot-control weapon in a racist attack.

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State lawmakers discuss potential hemp regulations

State lawmakers are being asked to weigh whether the concerns of marijuana farmers about the potency -- and value -- of their crops should allow them to put limits on those who grow hemp nearby.

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Governor: State could 'do just as well' without certain elected officials

Gov. Doug Ducey said Friday that Arizona could do "just as well" without electing certain county officials, like the assessor.

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State lawmaker seeks to more clearly define 'meat'

Cook: Products that never walked the earth should be labeled accordingly

An Arizona cattle rancher wants to ensure that anything sold to Arizonans as "meat" came from something with at least two legs, if not more.

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Suit: Special interest meetings violates open meetings law

A coalition of rights groups filed suit Wednesday accusing state lawmakers of illegally meeting behind closed doors with special interests in a way that violates Arizona's Open Meeting Law.

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