Howard Fischer is a veteran journalist who has reported on state government and legal affairs in
Arizona since 1982, the last 25 for Capitol Media Services which he founded in 1991. Fischer's news reports appear in daily and weekly newspapers around the state, and are heard on Arizona Public Radio.

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Governor Ducey: New Florida gun laws not part of Arizona agenda

PHOENIX -- Gov. Doug Ducey is nixing enacting the same new restrictions on guns to control school violence that fellow Republican and Florida Gov. Rick Scott just signed into law.

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Rep. Noel Campbell takes Democrats to task over student protest over school shootings

PHOENIX -- A Prescott Republican lawmaker lashed out at Democrats Thursday, accusing them of being more interested in political “theater’’ than solving the question of gun violence in schools.

Construction industry on rebound in Arizona

PHOENIX -- The state’s beleaguered construction industry is finally showing some consistent signs of life.

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Legislative plan could provide $8.7 million statewide for classroom supplies

PHOENIX -- A measure to help teachers pay for classroom supplies cleared a critical hurdle Thursday as state lawmakers resurrected it from political death.

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AS FRUSTRATION MOUNTS ... School teacher strike not out of the realm of possibility

PHOENIX -- The head of the statewide teachers union said Wednesday a strike may be necessary to get salaries closer to where he believes they should be.

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Auditor General reports marked improvement in classroom spending by Arizona schools

A large infusion of new cash has finally resulted in the first increase in years in the percentage of dollars that schools are putting into the classroom.

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Ducey lays out new rules for driverless cars

With hundreds of them already on Arizona roads, Gov. Doug Ducey is laying out some new -- and stricter -- rules for autonomous vehicles.

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Arizona House OK’s bill exempting online goods from state taxation

PHOENIX -- The state House voted Wednesday to forego ever collecting sales taxes on digital products and services even as more and more of what Arizonans buy moves online -- and untaxed.

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Lawmakers push for tougher penalties on animal cruelty laws

PHOENIX -- State senators agreed Monday to boost the penalty for intentional abuse or killing of pets over objections from a lawmaker who said it could make criminals out of ranchers protecting their herds.

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House Speaker wants voters to revisit Prop 206 to level field between employers, workers

Measure would change language, help businesses in court

PHOENIX — State lawmakers are moving to make it harder for workers to claim retaliation if they are fired in the wake of claiming they were denied wages or legally entitled time off.

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