Important Notice

Originally published Saturday, November 11, 2017 at 12:27p.m.

Special Honor

Cottonwood’s C&B Construction recently received its fourth Indoor airPLUS Leadership Award - the only company nationwide to receive the award four years running. C&B Construction is one of five contractors nationwide to win the award this year -- out of an ever-growing pool of builders. 


All Indoor airPLUS homes must meet strict energy efficiency standards established by the ENERGY STAR Certified Homes Program. Participation in Energy Star and Indoor airPLUS are requirements in achieving the certification of any home into the Department of Energy’s Zero Energy Home program. 


“When you receive a letter and an ensuing phone call from Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C., it is pretty exciting.  We are more proud than ever,” said C&B’s Bill Bullock, who owns the local construction company with his wife, Laurie. “The EPA representative attributed our success mainly to the fact that we have several families with breathing problems and chemical sensitivities living in our homes and are experiencing improved lifestyles.  The EPA keeps raising the bar.  Yet we continue to improve our product and exceed their benchmarks.”

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