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Originally published Thursday, January 11, 2018 at 01:52p.m.

Mingus Union boys basketball junior guard/forward Chaz Taylor is so consistent that the Marauder coaches offer him a strange compliment.

“Sometimes we take him for granted a little bit because he’s so consistent, he’s kind of a rock, you know what you’re going to get with him every night,” said Mingus head coach Dave Beery. “He’s gonna play super hard and be physical and he’s been a pretty consistent scorer.”

After having some issues last year with turnovers, his turnover ratio is the second lowest on the team now and his assists are way up, Beery said.

“So he’s really made some adjustments to his game,” Beery said. “It’s helped the other big thing is he’s stayed out of foul trouble.”

Taylor was honorable mention All-Grand Canyon last year and first team All-Region for football. In August he was VVN Mingus Union Athlete of the Week for football.

“He’s a kid that does everything the right way, he’s an on the court, off the court leader,” Beery said. “I’d like him to be a little more vocal sometimes, I think he knows that, but he’s a kid that I can always count on to do the right thing and to make sure other guys are doing the right thing.”

Taylor hurt his hand in the Marauders’ win over Lee Williams but doesn’t expect to miss games after seeing the trainer before practice on Wednesday.

VVN: So how are you feeling?

Taylor: Good.

VVN: Is it your shooting hand? What happened?

Taylor: My left hand. I went up for a lay up and I came down and tried to brace myself and I landed on it. My finger is hyper extended.

VVN: Do you know how long it is going to affect you or how long you’re gonna be out for?

Taylor: I can practice (Wednesday), (Thursday) I should be able to play.

VVN: Looking back, were you banged up at all coming out of football? How were you doing after football?

Taylor: No, football was good, I didn’t really get banged up from football.

VVN: So how’s the season been going for you?

Taylor: Good. It’s been good for the team. I really like our intensity this year, we’re playing at a high pace and I like that.

VVN: How does it compare to last year when you guys started a little slow and kinda took off in January it seems like you’re doing pretty well consistently.

Taylor: It’s a lot better than last year, just because of the consistency and it’s been fun.

VVN: How did these road trips go? What was it like to get those wins?

Taylor: They’re tough. Beery probably said it was an ugly game but it was a good win, it is just hard to travel three hours to play. We always love those wins because it is hard to travel to Mohave and Lee Williams to play.

VVN: How cool was it to get that win over Flag? Coach said it had been a while since you guys had beaten them.

Taylor: Yeah, it was nice, it was really cool, especially third quarter we really played well, so it was fun. We all played with a lot of intensity so it was good.

VVN: How’s the season gone for you personally?

Taylor: Good, it’s been good. I’m going to work on some things but it’s been going good.

VVN: You guys have a lot of seniors but a lot of them were new, how did you think your role would be going into this season? Did you have goals to be more of a leader?

Taylor: Yeah, I knew I’d have to step up from last year because last year I was kind of, I did okay last year, but I was more of a role player so I knew that I’d have to step it up and be more of a leader.

VVN: Has the season gone along the lines of how you expected or a little different?

Taylor: I think it has. Yeah.

VVN: What’s your basketball team?

Taylor: I like watching the Warriors just cuz they’re fast paced and they move the ball well.

VVN: Do you have a favorite player?

Taylor: Uh, Curry to be honest.

VVN: How’s school been going this year?

Taylor: Good, it’s been good. Christmas break was nice, I was getting burned out but it’s good to be back.

VVN: What’s your favorite sport to play?

Taylor: Basketball.

VVN: How come?

Taylor: It’s just always been my favorite, it’s just fun. It’s very fast paced and it’s always been my favorite since I was young.

VVN: Do you know what you want to do after high school?

Taylor: Yeah I’m going to serve a mission for my church and I’d like to play college basketball.

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